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Frequently Asked Questions

How NRA Industry Ally Works

What is the Industry Ally Program?

The Industry Ally Program is an NRA program that provides exclusive NRA recognition and membership discounts to businesses that assist and support the NRA in membership sales. A strong membership base is our mission and the reason why we have had considerable progress in the defense of our Second Amendment rights. 

What does Industry Ally offer?

  • An all-in-one, interactive platform to track and highlight your company's commitment, success and cumulative giving to NRA Membership Recruiting in addition to corporate-wide support of NRA programs and events.
  • Added value to your products and services with extension of NRA membership benefits.
  • Exclusive membership promotions and announcements.
  • Notable recognition with customized membership offers branded with your company logo.
  • Annual recognition in industry publications such as Shooting Industry and NRA Publications to include American Rifleman, American Hunter, America’s 1st Freedom and Shooting Illustrated.

How do I get started?

Start today by submitting your information here.

Primary avenues of commitment include:

How much does it cost to participate?

The majority of the program is FREE. If you wish to provide a free NRA membership with a product purchase, we will work with you to create membership pricing to suit your needs.

What are the discounted rates for customers?

  • 1 Year for $35.00 (regular rate of $45.00)
  • 3 Year for $85.00 (regular rate of $100.00)
  • 5 Year for $125.00 (regular rate of $150.00)
  • LIFE Membership for $1,000 (regular rate of $1,500.00) – subject to seasonal specials that run throughout the year

What are the exclusive discounted rates for employees?

  • 1 Year for $20.00 (regular rate of $45.00)
  • LIFE Membership for $450.00 (regular rate of $1,500.00)

What is a Premier Industry Ally?

A Premier Industry Ally goes above and beyond. Contact us to find out more information.

Why should I join?

Although our daily operations may differ, we are all in the same fight to protect our firearm freedoms.

It is our duty to not only protect our friends and family but to protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners; Many of whom are purchasing your products.

Our NRA members are your customers, and it is our hope that your customers are NRA members. Together, we can make gallant strides for our freedoms and the future of the firearm industry alike.

Band with us, let’s succeed together.

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Need Help To Get Started?

Contact David Merrill, Manager, Industry Programs, Membership Division by email or at (703) 267-3784.

NRA Industry Ally Program

A strong membership base helps NRA defend your Second Amendment rights and your business. The NRA Industry Ally Program provides recognition to businesses who support NRA by boosting NRA membership.


There is no cost to enroll. Apply to become an NRA Recruiter today!