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Employee Drive

Employee Drive

New to the Industry? Great, we are excited to have you on board!

As a new employee, HR is one of the first contacts you make. You go over the typical questions such as what are the job expectations. How to accrue vacation and sick leave. And of course, pay day.

As an Industry Ally, you have the opportunity to add a touch of patriotism to the onboarding routine by asking new employees if they are an NRA member.


The process is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step One: Ask if your employee is an NRA member

  • If no, they may elect to join under the special industry rate.
  • If yes, they may elect to renew under the special industry rate.

Step Two: Fill out the special discount membership application

  • One Year Annual Membership $20.00 (regular rate of $45.00).
  • Life membership $450.00 (regular rate of $1,500.00).

Step Three: Send directly to the NRA Membership Division

  • Your company or business may elect to cover cost of the NRA membership for an employee as a special thank you for their dedicated service to the industry each year.
  • Your employee may elect to cover the cost of discounted NRA Membership.
  • The NRA Membership team is happy to set up a custom recruiting campaign for your business if your HR department cannot accommodate membership drive submissions.

Better yet, join the ranks and become a 100% NRA Industry Ally by having a complete workforce of card carrying NRA members.

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Contact David Merrill, Manager, Industry Programs, Membership Division by email or at (703) 267-3784.

NRA Industry Ally Program

A strong membership base helps NRA defend your Second Amendment rights and your business. The NRA Industry Ally Program provides recognition to businesses who support NRA by boosting NRA membership.


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