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The NRA Industry Ally Program Celebrates Women Across The Industry

May 16, 2019

Enthusiasts looking at a firearm display
Kahr Arms

Jodi DePorter Director of Marketing, Kahr Firearms Group

Kahr Firearms Group is a Premier NRA Industry Ally due to their active support of NRA membership sales in product packaging, customer newsletters, webpages and more.

Q: What is a question you receive frequently?

A: “How did I get into this business? I think most people see the firearms and outdoor industry as male-driven, and it is to some extent. There are also amazing women who also make up a growing portion of it. I’ve had that asked of me a thousand times, I’m sure!”


Q: What motivates you in your role as a leader in your company?   

A: "Simply, helping people.  I want to see everyone succeed, and if I can play a part, even if very small, I will.   People see me as a leader at Kahr Firearms Group because I am in the public eye due to my position as Director of Marketing, but I have an amazing team of people that work with me behind the scenes, and they play a huge role in our success as a company."


Q: Does Kahr provide any company-wide initiatives?

A: “Through the Fallen Officer Program, Kahr will donate a Thin Blue Line model PM9 customized with the fallen officer’s name on the side of the slide, and his or her badge number and “end of watch” date engraved on the top of the slide. The gun can then be used to raise money for the family or remain with the family as a keepsake.”


Q: What is your Favorite quote or motto?  

A: "People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care" ~Maxine 365 Daily Calendar, Circa 2001.

"Years ago when I was new in the firearms business one of my colleagues had a "Maxine" daily calendar.  When I was only a few weeks into working with her, she pulled the particular page off the calendar and put it on my desk.   It meant a lot to me and I had it taped on my computer for several years.  It was a good reminder that I didn't have to know how to do everything that was asked of me, but to at least have my heart in it and care about what I was doing. It also taught me that it was ok to say "I don't know", which I still do to this day.  Life is about learning something new every day!"


Q: What does the NRA mean to you?

A:  "I've been a member of the NRA for many years.  I think it’s important for all Americans to support organizations that stand up for our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms."

Renae Waltemath Director of Sales, Hornady Manufacturing Co.

In addition to promoting, protecting and preserving our hunting and shooting sports, Hornady Manufacturing Co. is an NRA Industry Ally due to their continuous support of the NRA by providing an opportunity for their employees to join or renew NRA memberships throughout the year.

Q: What is the most challenging part of your job?

A: "The most challenging part of the job is growing and changing with customers, the market, and the entire industry.  However, it is almost the most fun!"


Q: What has been the most rewarding experience working in the firearms industry?

A: "The most rewarding experience is the people you meet.  This is a very small industry, and very tight-knit."


Q: What motivates you in your role as a leader in your company?

A: "Seeing the company grow, and, the individuals on my team grow within the company is what motivates me the most.  It is fun to be a part of a successful company and lead a successful team along the way."


Q: What is your Favorite quote or motto?

A: "Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you."


Q: What does the NRA mean to you?

A: "The NRA means unity and standing up for our rights as Americans."

Alison Hall Marketing Manager, Traditions Performance Firearms

Traditions Performance Firearms Group is an NRA Industry Ally due to their efforts to include NRA membership offers in their product packaging and more.

Q: Does Traditions Performance Firearms provide any company-wide initiatives?

A: “Traditions works hard to give back to the community with groups like Freedom Hunters and Catch-A-Dream Foundation that have amazing initiatives geared toward the military community, life-threatening illnesses, and outdoor adventures.”


Q: What motivates you in your role as a leader in your company?

A: "I didn’t begin shooting often or hunting until my early 20s and I want everyone to experience it. I’m motivated by this as well as my belief that we should all be exposed to firearms and hunting. I have the opportunity to spread that through Traditions. Additionally, while many people believe this is a male-dominated industry, women are making their mark and I’m thrilled to a part of it!"


Q: What has been the most rewarding experience working in the firearms industry?

A: "Becoming a hunter is probably the most rewarding because I have been able to experience the outdoors, the thrill of hunting, the respect of taking an animal, and then eating what I’ve harvested. I didn’t hunt prior to starting full time at Traditions. Additionally, working for a company and lifestyle I believe in is so important to me so that is also pretty rewarding on a daily basis."


Q: Do you have a favorite quote or motto?

A: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’ (African Proverb). "This is applicable to the way I try to work with people and achieve goals. I think this is also quite fitting when it comes to the NRA and how important it is that we, as manufacturers, all work together toward a common goal.”


Q: What Does The NRA Mean To You?

A: "The NRA is the voice for many when it comes to the 2nd amendment and our rights. They are also a champion of the hunting/shooting sports and hunter education. As a member, this is very important and these are a few reasons why I, as well as Traditions, support the NRA."

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